TV advertising is for everyone

Only big brands use TV advertising, right? WRONG!

Advertising on TV is both an affordable and, more importantly, an extremely cost effective option for all businesses, whether they are large or small and irrespective of who they are trying to target. Don’t believe us? Well, hopefully these facts will help convince you:

  • Across 2021, a total of 1,286 new brands advertised on TV, including companies like Manscaped, Swyft and Ionos. This is an increase on 2020 of 3%
  • In terms of investment, 830 (31%) of all advertisers spent less than £50k on their TV advertising across 2021 and 1,433 (54%) spent less than £250k. At the other end of the spectrum, 268 (10%) spent £5m+.

Small TV spenders 2020 Nielsen

Interestingly, online businesses were the biggest investors in TV advertising in 2021, and year on year they increased their commitment to TV advertising by 41%.


  • Research has shown that TV delivers 71% of all profit generated by advertising over a 3 year timeframe, with an average return of £4.20 for every £1 invested
  • On average, it only costs £6 to reach 1,000 adults with a 30 second TV advert – that equates to just 0.6p per person.

So, why is TV so great for driving success for businesses and brands? Below are some of the key reasons - click on each to find out more:

  1. TV advertising is more effective than ever
  2. TV is the heart of the video world
  3. TV has unbeatable scale and reach
  4. TV is vital for long-term success
  5. TV fuels other media
  6. TV creates emotion & makes brands famous
  7. TV drives rapid response
  8. TV works across categories
  9. TV is at the heart of creative effectiveness
  10. TV is brand safest

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