Energises other media


One aspect of TV advertising – one that can be overlooked or misattributed – is the effect it has on other media. TV drives activity elsewhere in the media eco-system and consistently makes other elements of advertising campaigns work harder.

Thinkbox’s ‘Demand Generation’ study (2019), conducted with Wavemaker, Gain Theory and Mediacom, echoed many previous studies (such as this one) when it found that TV makes other media work harder by boosting the performance of the other media channels used in a campaign by up to 54%. The average across other channels is around 8%.

Most media have some sort of ‘multiplier effect’, but nothing comes close to TV. This is because TV is an audio-visual medium that acts as the narrative spine of a campaign, and therefore lingers in people’s memories.

TV boosts effects of other ad channels by up to 54 percent

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