Advanced tech and data capabilities

Broadcasters are constantly investing in new technologies and developing advanced advertising opportunities that mean TV now has more to offer advertisers than ever before.

These new capabilities are making TV more flexible and more available to businesses of all sizes, bringing together the best of the internet – dynamic, one-to-one ad delivery and mass access to first party data – with the best of TV – a high quality, scalable and brand safe environment; big screen; fully viewable; fully viewed; sound on; shared viewing.

And with CFlight, total TV campaign measurement is finally here. It’s the first pan-broadcaster, unified TV metric of such sophistication and scale created anywhere in the world. It captures the vast majority of live, time-shifted and on-demand commercial impacts and impressions across all viewing platforms, enabling media buyers to see the overall advertising exposure for their TV campaigns, notably reach and frequency metrics.

Advanced TV advertising and measurement are unlocking TV’s full potential. For everything you need to know about it, we’ve created a downloadable publication. However, while you’re here, we’ll take the opportunity to quickly point out some of the key benefits…

Immense scale

17 million people use one of the broadcaster VOD players to watch their favourite shows at least once a week, and Sky AdSmart can reach 40% of homes – or 30 million people – in the UK.


This works for businesses of all sizes and has made TV more attractive to more brands – many of whom would never have considered TV before. For example, smaller businesses with highly specific geographical footprints, or larger businesses that want to upweight campaigns in areas where they have a high number of stores.  Advertisers can also run offers in certain areas but not others or use different creative based on the viewer’s location.

Customer data matching

All the broadcasters offer a means for advertisers to combine their own customer data sets with the broadcasters’ own vast sets of first party audience data. From targeting existing customers with specific promotions, to upweighting activity at the time a customer is coming to the point of a renewal, or targeting different customers with different creative based on what you believe is most likely to trigger a response – there are a host of opportunities on offer.

Customised target audiences

By combining the broadcasters’ first party registration or customer data sets with other data sources that they have access to, advertisers can select from a huge array of targeted, customisable audiences, covering demographic, psychographic and behavioural classifications.

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