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Broadcaster solutions

Posted on: March 10, 2023

TV viewers can now get pretty much all the catch-up programming they could ever want when they want it and on a device of their choosing via Broadcaster VOD services (BVOD). These platforms are brimming with opportunities for advertisers. Here you will find an overview of the key players and their on-demand services by platform.

C4 Streaming

C4 Streaming is where you can access all of Channel 4’s linear channels, digital content and services.

With over 24 million registered users and integrations with several the world’s leading ad-tech businesses, they offer a full suite of advanced data targeting products for advertisers which can be transacted both directly and programmatically.

  • Demographic: Enables advertisers to use viewer attribution data to target viewers based on who they are – such as upmarket women or 16–34s.
  • Interest: Enables advertisers to target viewers based on 20 different interest categories.
  • Contextual: Enables advertisers to target viewers based on the content they are viewing e.g. Comedy or Drama.
  • Brandm4tch: Enables advertisers for the first time to bring their own first-party data and identify and match individuals within All 4’s 24 million users.
  • Approved: Enables advertisers the opportunity to buy pre-defined data sets from approved data vendors.
  • Bespoke: Enables advertisers for the first time to layer All 4 data sets on top of each other to build bespoke segments for their specific needs.

Channel 4 also offer selection of display advertising products on a direct basis and has two programmatic products for advertisers to choose from.

For full details check out our Advanced TV download.

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ITVX is the online destination for all ITV TV channels and services with live, catch-up and box-set content from the entire ITV portfolio, alongside new shows exclusive to ITVX. It is the home of ITV’s advanced TV advertising opportunities with 35 million registered users across mobile, tablet, desktop devices and connected TV.

ITV Media are responsible for selling the inventory and are focused on maximising the addressable opportunity to help advertisers achieve the following:

  • Extending reach
  • Content alignment
  • Precision targeting
  • Data matching

Planet V Planet V is a self-serve platform, empowering agencies and advertisers to apply their unique understanding of their own audiences to their premium video buys in ITV’s broadcast content. As a demand-side platform, sell-side platform and an ad server all in one, Planet V marries the best of programmatic advertising’s customisable buying options with the fundamentals you expect from a market-leading media partner.

For full details check out our Advanced TV download.

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Advanced, data-driven advertising is central to Sky’s proposition for advertisers. Underpinned by the world’s largest representative panel for viewing insights, custom targeting and measurement, combined with industry-leading technology, Sky’s advanced TV capabilities live across their suite of products.

Sky Go

  • Allows subscribers to watch a selection of live and on-demand content through various mobile devices, as well as PCs and laptops (including Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky Atlantic).
  • Sky Media sells pre-roll and mid-roll advertising, plus sponsorship bumpers around on-demand content in addition to standard linear broadcast advertising on streamed channels.
  • Advertisers are also able to buy VOD in the linear feed within live Premier League, Champions League, Capital One Cup, Championship and Golf Majors.

Sky On Demand

  • Broadband-delivered, on-demand service to Sky+ boxes which offers content from Sky’s own channels such as Sky Max, Sky Movies, Sky Arts and Sky Sports, as well as partner channels including Animal Planet, Pick and Nickelodeon.
  • Sky Media sell pre, post and end roll slots, with the pre roll allowing for up to a maximum of 4 advertisers totalling 90 seconds prior to the programme and is sold in conjunction with a post roll slot of up to 3 minutes. Sponsorship bumpers are also available.

AdSmart from Sky

  • AdSmart can now reach 40% of the UK population.
  • It is the only addressable platform that can deliver ads in the live linear broadcast feed.
  • Can target addressable audiences across their VoD portfolio which reaches over 30 million adults every month.
  • Can build fast cover and achieve strong reach in the first few days by capping the frequency delivered per household at 1.
  • Can build reach of light TV viewers.
  • Can upweight frequency to ‘in-market’ audiences.

Sky AdVance

  • Sky AdVance can reinforce or extend the reach of your campaign into the digital world. Very simply you can run your ad on TV and then reach those households that have or haven’t seen the TV ad using a sequential message or a more response focused creative. This also helps to collapse the funnel to enable consumers to click directly through to site.

For full details check out our Advanced TV download.

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