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Factors driving ROI

Factors driving ROI

Posted on: September 6, 2023

Charts on film guest speaker Paul Dyson, co-founder of accelero, discusses the drivers of advertising profitability and highlights key factors that can maximise marketing benefits.

Back in 2014, Dyson, founder of the econometric consultancy Data2Decisions, conducted an analysis which revealed the advertising drivers of profitability (itself an update of work done in 2006), data revealed that brand size is the most influential factor, followed closely by creative execution. Since the media landscape has changed significantly since 2014, had the list changed?

Watch as Dyson ranks the different advertising levers and how brand size and the role of creative (the top two drivers in the previous iteration) perform in this updated study.

You can watch the video above and download the deck for full information.

For more details on the full study, check out 'The drivers of profitability'

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