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Different ways to use TV

Posted on: July 4, 2023

There are a number of different ways an advertiser can use TV to reach their audience, ranging from standard spot ads to a fully integrated sponsorship. Below is a selection of TV possibilities.


TV sponsorship can range from a simple on-air association with a single programme or strand to a long-term, fully-integrated partnership including branded content, product placement, televised branded events, promos, competitions, licensing and lots more. Big or small, tactical or strategic, there are sponsorships to fit all.  For more information on the power of TV sponsorship click here.

Argos sponsors Coronation Street

Broadcaster Video On Demand

BVOD is an exciting and evolving domain which offers advertisers a host of premium advertising options around trusted, quality content. It’s an important part of the new TV ecosystem that is enabling people to watch more of the TV they love.  There are a huge number of opportunities and benefits within the BVOD landscape both when used in isolation or as part of your TV marketing mix.  For more inspiration and information about BVOD please click here.

Themed breaks

Sometimes one spot just isn’t enough. From movie releases to societal issues, themed breaks have been used for a variety of different reasons.

Themed breaks are always done in partnership with broadcasters and offer advertisers a unique opportunity to engage an audience either for an extended period or in partnership with other relevant brands. Entertaining, relevant and attention grabbing, they have proven to be a very successful tool for advertisers and to generate excellent PR for agencies and broadcasters.

Deliveroo contextual ad
Specific programmes were mentioned in the narrative of Deliveroo ads

Contextual Ads

Creatively aligning your TV advertising with programming is a great way to reinforce your connection with the audience.  Many advertisers are using talent, ideas and themes created in TV programmes as part of their TV advertising narrative. This direct association with the show is a great way to win over viewers and fans of the programme in question.

Collaboration between broadcasters, creative agencies, brands and media agencies means that we’re seeing more contextual advertising on TV, bringing together great content within the right context to deliver ads with relevance which stand-out.

Bam the Ram busting through a Virgin Atlantic ad as part of Volkswagen’s campaign

Interruptive breaks

By working with TV stations, agencies and other advertisers there is the potential to creatively interrupt the other adverts within a break, continuing or developing your ad’s narrative story arch outside your spot.

Advertiser Funded Programming

AFP, or ‘branded content’ as it is often referred to, describes programmes that are created with direct input of a client. The client’s contribution could be financial, creative or by allowing producers access to talent or events with which the client has an existing relationship. 

Product Placement

Integrating your brand or product into a show be it physical, virtual, seen but not used, mentioned or contextual is a great way to build to an association with a trusted and loved TV property.

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