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3 great ads I had nothing to do with


Giffgaff's 'The Big Swim' wins the latest Thinkboxes

Incredible work by Giffgaff with 'The Big Swim' scooped the winning title of the March/ April Thinkboxes award for TV ad creativity.


238 million views … and other things you should know about TV

This booklet brings together the latest stats and insight from TV and advertising all in one handy PDF.


TV personalisation: good or bad?

However far TV goes down the personalised road it must keep the deal in favour of the public. By Tess Alps.


Monthly TV Set Viewing Report: May 2017

The latest figures from BARB show that the average adult watched 2 hours, 24 minutes of commercial TV each day in May 2017.

Get with the programme

Watch Get with the programmes live on 5th July

Join the live stream of ‘Get with the programmes’ where we’ll launch our latest research delving into TV sponsorship.


Breaking ads

Twice a week we update this gallery with a collection of the latest and best ads breaking on TV.


Plunkett on TV: Why binge viewing is anti-social (media)

Media expert John Plunkett looks at why live TV is so satisfying


New to TV Training

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Love Island 2017

Must see TV

We save you the bother of reading the Radio Times with our top picks of what’s coming up on commercial TV.

Love Mondays

Thinkbox is hiring: Marketing Manager (contract)

We're looking for a marketing manager with solid experience to join the team on a 7 month contract.

Channel 4: We’re the superhumans

Win £1 million of TV airtime: Diversity in Advertising Award

Channel 4 is again giving away £1 million of airtime to an advertiser that does the best job at putting disability on screen.


Habitat use TV for the first time

How collaboration, insight, research and brilliant programming brought a famous brand back into the homes across the country.

Catch up with the latest consolidated TV viewing figures


Top ads report

Top 50 ads of the week, plus the top 10 ads by major brand category

Britain's Got Tallent

Top programmes report

The top 50 programmes on TV based on the size of their total viewing audience over the week. Filter by channel or audience

BARB Profile

Profile report

The top 50 programmes on commercial TV that deliver a higher than average percentage of the chosen audience