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TV Planning Awards 2018


Supermarketing: TV’s retail magic

Join us for a morning packed with retail success stories, effective advertising in the retail sector plus more. Find out more about the event on Thursday 29th March and sign up

The Video World in 2017

TV accounts for 95% of all time spent with video advertising. Take a look at our latest analysis of the video world and TV’s place at its heart

Profit ability: the business case for advertising

Profit Ability: the business case for advertising

Independent effectiveness study from Ebiquity and Gain Theory of over 2,000 campaigns quantifying advertising’s short and long-term business impact


Chart of the month: Plain proof that TV advertising delivers scale and views

Find out why March’s chart of the month proves TV’s capacity and stability and how we have watched 43% more standard* TV ads than in 2000


Laura Jordan Bambach take on the Thinkboxes Jan/ Feb Shortlist

We ask one Thinkbox Academy member Laura Jordan Bambach to cast her eyes over the best TV creative in the Thinkboxes Shortlist.


Breaking ads

Twice a week we update this gallery with a collection of the latest and best ads breaking on TV.


Your “Profit Ability” questions answered

Ebiquity & Gain Theory’s landmark ‘Profit Ability’ study raised some interesting questions. Here we answer them…


Caroline Pay in 3 great ads

Grey’s joint Creative Officer tells us why VW, Bodyform and Playstation are her 3 greats


The Churchill Lollipopper campaign

How Churchill improved CPAs and helped to keep children safe at the same time


7 things would-be TV advertisers should know

Did you know that 60% of TV advertisers spend less than £250k a year? Or that the average TV ‘view’ costs half a penny? Well then, you should read this article by our Matt Hill.

Monthly TV Set Viewing Report: January 2018

Monthly TV Set Viewing Report: January 2018

The latest figures from BARB show that the average adult watched 2 hours, 38 minutes of commercial TV each day in January 2018.

In The Long Run

Must see TV

The UK broadcasters invest over £6 billion a year into making TV, and TV advertising pays for a fair chunk of it. Take a look at some of the hottest shows coming up on commercial TV in the UK.

Three award winning brand stories on film


‘Made of More’: Guinness increases global effectiveness

Guinness delivered strong returns and increased their efficiency on their ROI with their long term strategy


Direct Line’s award-winning campaign’s brand film

IPA Effectiveness winner & brave brand of the year nominee, Direct Line’s brand film is here.


Macmillan’s IPA Award winning campaign

This brand film tells the story of how Macmillan redevised their marketing campaign in order to drive substantial business results.