Monthly TV Viewing Report: June 2021


Feeling Seen, a new report from System1

Feeling Seen, a new report from System1


How Roberts Bakery rose to the occasion to help a ‘nation in knead’

Roberts Bakery’s innovative use of TV in response to the Covid crisis


TV Planning Awards 2021: WINNERS

Check out who won what and watch all the finalists’ films here.


UK broadcasters collaborate to launch total TV advertising campaign measurement tool, CFlight

The new measurement tool launching in Autumn 2021 will include combined reach and frequency across linear TV and Broadcaster VOD


Breaking ads

We update this gallery weekly with a collection of the latest and best ads breaking on TV.


Demand Generator

The Demand Generator tool, powered by econometrics, helps you maximise business returns from your media investment.


CTV: your questions answered

You can’t move for CTV at the moment. Reports, forecasts, features, and events abound. But what is CTV?


Advanced TV advertising: everything you need to know

Find out about everything the UK broadcasters now offer, from cross-broadcaster audience mapping and customer data-matching to their rapidly expanding addressable capabilities. Download the full booklet here.


August’s Chart of the Month: TV ads deliver quality, self-confidence and strength signals

Our chart of the month looks at how TV advertising drives the strongest ‘fitness’ signals.


TV advertising’s ultimate nickable charts

For the full lowdown on why TV is the most effective form of advertising download this deck packed with facts and evidence.

Lucozade Its On Hula for web

Hotstepper swagger bags TV creativity award for Lucozade

Adam & Eve/DDB’s “It’s ON: Hula” for Lucozade Energy wins Thinkboxes award for March/April 2021


TV’s having a moment

With TV advertising resurgent, Thinkbox CEO Lindsey Clay looks at what’s fuelling its revival

3 great ads I had nothing to do with


3 great ads I had nothing to do with Sir John Hegarty

Volkswagen, Heineken and Marmite - hear from an advertising legend as he takes us through the 3 great ads he had nothing to do with


3 great ads: Chaka Sobhani

Leo’s entertaining and insightful Chief Creative Officer reveals her choices


3 great ads: David Kolbusz

3 great ads I had nothing to do with: David Kolbusz on Skittles, Honda... and one that never aired