Plunkett on TV: Boom time for satire on TV

The Truth about Youth 2017

Watch ‘The Truth about Youth 2017’ on demand

If you want to get closer to the kids and youth market then watch our stream of The Truth about Youth 2017, on demand.


2016: a year in commercial TV By Lisa Campbell

The Director of the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Lisa Campbell, shares her highlights from 2016 and looks at what 2017 has in store.


This is for everyone by Tess Alps

Agencies and advertisers should ask themselves serious questions about the media world they are creating through their investment decisions, writes Tess Alps


Creativity in danger by Peter Field

Marketing consultant and effectiveness expert Peter Field despairs of the ‘orgy of short-sightedness’ which is damaging the creativity and effectiveness of advertising.


The Global TV Group by Katty Roberfroid

Katty Roberfroid, Director-General of egta, salutes the fact that we have reached an unprecedented level of collaboration in order to better help advertisers get the best out of TV.


Breaking ads

Twice a week we update this gallery with a collection of the latest and best ads breaking on TV.


Bosch sponsors Sunday Brunch

How smart use of TV changed how consumers perceived the brand, providing the credibility and relevance to fast-track growth in a new product category

Sport England: Phenomenal Women

Sport England wins the January/ February award

Pure TV Brilliance of “Phenomenal women” has scooped Sport England the winning title of the January/ February Thinkboxes award.

The Only Way Is Essex

What’s on TV?

We save you the bother of reading the Radio Times with our top picks of what’s coming up on commercial TV.

The latest innovations in creative formats

LEGO Batman Continuity for Channel 4

LEGO Batman joins Channel 4 (for the weekend)

LEGO® Batman joined the Channel 4 continuity team in the lead up to the release of The LEGO Batman Movie


Cancer Research: live from inside the human body

World’s first live TV advert from inside the human body airs on Channel 4 to raise cancer awareness.

The Broadcast: Girl Watching TV

Aliens invade TV ad breaks

Thinkbox and Mediacom launch new ad in special ad breaks with DFS, Lucozade and Sheba