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Buying BVOD

Posted on: July 4, 2023

When it comes to buying a BVOD campaign, there are a few things worth mentioning

  • BVOD is traded on a fixed price rather than a discount off a station average price
  • The price you pay will be affected by the demand for the programmes you want to buy, but the price is not determined by supply and demand in the same was that linear TV is
  • BVOD is traded on impressions rather than impacts

More information on how to go about buying BVOD can be found here

You will also need to think about your target audience and whether you want to take advantage of the many targeting options available in BVOD. Should you create a custom audience based on the programmes you know your audience likes to watch? If you have your own customer data, you could do a data match campaign to target existing or lapsed customers. Or, you could utilise the many data solutions the broadcasters offer like Mastercard data or Experian.

It’s also worth checking out the section on Advanced TV as there’s lots of info in there too.

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