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TV advertising is for everyone

TV advertising is for everyone

Posted on: July 5, 2023

Only big brands use TV advertising, right? WRONG!

Advertising on TV is both an affordable and, more importantly, an extremely cost effective option for all businesses, whether they are large or small and irrespective of who they are trying to target. Don’t believe us? Well, hopefully these facts will help convince you:

  • Across 2022, a total of 959 new brands advertised on TV, including companies like Reddit, WeAre8 and Wish.
  • In terms of investment, 763 (31%) of all advertisers spent less than £50k on their TV advertising across 2022 and 1,331 (53%) spent less than £250k. At the other end of the spectrum, 267 (11%) spent £5m+.
Small TV spenders 2022 Nielsen - 763 advertisers spent less than £50K on TV in 2022

In terms of categories, online businesses were the biggest investors in TV advertising in 2022, spending over a billion pounds on TV which is double the next biggest spending category, food.

This sector fully understands the world of ecommerce but it’s clear that TV provides them with something different, that TV fulfils a unique role that is needed by even the biggest online brands.  

For more on how TV is ecommerce’s shop window click here.

Online businesses are the biggest investors in TV
  • Research has shown that TV delivers 71% of all profit generated by advertising over a 3-year timeframe, with an average return of £4.20 for every £1 invested
  • TV has a role to play for brands large and small and in all categories. However, that role will change depending on different variables such as the brand’s objective, the category it operates in, the size of the business and the relative volume of online to offline sales.
  • For all brands, it’s an affordable option. On average, it only costs £8 to reach 1,000 adults with a 30 second TV advert – that equates to just 0.8p per person.

So, why is TV so great for driving success for businesses and brands? Below are some of the key reasons - click on each to find out more:

  1. TV grabs and holds attention
  2. TV makes you famous
  3. TV is brilliant value
  4. TV offers unrivalled trust
  5. TV gives you instant impact
  6. TV is for everyone
  7. TV energises other media
  8. TV provides the opportunity for supreme storytelling
  9. TV has advanced tech and data capabilities
  10. TV is more effective than ever

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