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How TV generates business growth

How TV generates business growth

Posted on: July 4, 2023

TV or not TV? Is that one of the questions that plays on your mind as you contemplate how you can most effectively scale and grow your business?

If so, the answer is clear - TV advertising is fantastic at delivering transformative effects for smaller advertisers and their brands.

Many new and / or small businesses find that following a relatively “easy” period in which they can efficiently harvest existing customer demand through channels like paid search and Facebook advertising, they start to hit a volume ceiling at which point they find it difficult to generate incremental sales from those channels. This may be because they are just speaking to a small pool of consumers over and over, they are preaching to the converted and / or they have reached saturation point within the channel.

Principle of diminishing returns is paramount

For a business to grow, the most important thing is to reach as many of its potential customers as possible. In doing so, the business can start generating demand and filling the top of sales funnel. TV advertising is great at cost-effectively reaching audiences at scale and therefore growing the potential customer base.

Through the inherent power of audio-visual advertising, TV advertising can evoke emotions that increase trust, create and reinforce positive associations and as a result, make brands famous. This longer-term brand building is fundamental to business growth.

Where do people find advertising that

However, in addition to this, TV is extremely effective at delivering short-term sales by rapidly driving awareness amongst target audiences at scale. Indeed, in our As Seen on TV study looking at over 300 campaigns from smaller advertisers, TV was found to deliver 80% of advertising-generated sales whilst only representing 66% of spend. Furthermore, the research found that the typical profit payback point was after about four months.

In addition to all of this, TV amplifies other media channels and makes them work harder. It serves as a great platform from which to create awareness and drive demand and is highly effective at generating search for your brand as can be seen in the chart below. The red line represents TV exposures and the green line shows people searching for Jane Plan and you can see how closely correlated they are.

Impact on search volumes with Jane Plan

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