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New to TV success stories

Posted on: July 2, 2023

Countless advertisers have seen huge success from their first TV campaigns. Whether they wanted to increase awareness, drive growth or boost sales, TV gave them the best platform to meet and surpass their objectives. Here you can find a selection of great recent case study summaries. Download a deck of all the below case studies using the button above or click on the links within each summary below to learn more.



Zizzi wanted to reignite the familiar memory of their Italian restaurant for their 16-34 cohort who considered Zizzi ‘just another’ chain restaurant, less exciting than others in the category, and not relevant for them anymore. They ran a TV and BVOD regional test to reach their target audience showcasing in full HD glory the revamped dishes, the stylish new décor, the cocktails and the party vibe.

Read the full case study and learn how Zizzi’s first TV campaign brought 16-34s back to the table. 

Read the case study here


The Coconut Collab

New-to-TV advertiser, The Coconut Collab, wanted to increase awareness and purchase intent and, ultimately recruit new shoppers.

They used (all forms of) TV to start building the brand in an increasingly competitive category and grew sales and customer numbers by more than twice the category average.

Read the case study here



They created a OLIO, the free app set up to help tackle food waste, wanted to confront people with the shocking reality of the UK’s waste crisis in order to change consumer behaviour and drive app usage. Read how their compelling TV ad generated action through emotion, with 35,000 people signed up for the app.

Read the case study here Free Trial


Bookbeat, an audiobook service, wanted to increase awareness and consideration within the UK market. To reach the scale they desired, they embarked on their first ever TV campaign and as a result, both awareness and consideration increased significantly.

Read the case study here

Bulldog TV AD


Bulldog Skincare for Men were embarking on their first advertising campaign with a humorous ad during Christmas which was a key time of year for their category. Despite a small budget, they used TV with a targeted deployment of spots which was upweighted in London & the South East. As a result, share grew by 30% over Christmas and generated lots of positive comments on social media.

Read the case study here


Camden Hells

Beer brand Camden Hells wanted to become ‘the UK’s favourite lager’ which meant not just getting bigger but retaining brand love. They used TV advertising for the first time with brilliant creative work and the result was such a dramatic increase in brand metrics they almost sold out of lager.

Read the case study here

Habitat Dancing


Habitat needed to build brand awareness and drive sales following the closure of most of their stores. They used TV for the first time with a cleverly constructed campaign which focused on people’s voyeuristic tendencies. There was a 100% increase in brand consideration and they had an amazing 226% increase in the sales of the Oricco table featured in the ad.

Read the case study here



Online mortgage broker Habito wanted to deliver immediate results to drive growth for their young business in a valuable but small market. Moving away from a traditional DRTV approach, they embraced brand building on a limited budget by developing an extremely bold TV advert, which they ran selectively in high impact, high attention airtime. They benefitted from a big jump in spontaneous brand awareness and serious efficiencies in customer acquisition costs.

Read the case study here


MHA Auchlochan Garden Village

MHA, who provide care, accommodation and support for people in later life, needed to drive interest in their Open Day for Auchlochan Garden Village and generate leads with the aim to sell property. Despite some initial concerns about cost, they opted to run a part area, daytime only TV campaign and as a result, attendance increased by 450% and sales by 350%.

Read the case study here


Sykes Holiday Cottages

Sykes wanted to raise brand awareness, increase consideration, drive sales and have a competitive market share. They used regional TV with a carefully monitored campaign which they could track and optimise as they went along. They achieved a significant uplift in awareness and consideration and the TV campaign drove incremental bookings as well as providing ROI on lifetime value.

Read the case study here

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