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Audience profiles

Posted on: April 25, 2023

Here you can get the headline facts and figures for the key TV buying audiences, from their universe size to the average number of ads they view per day. 

When choosing an audience to target with TV advertising, advertisers can define it by gender, social class and age at a national or regional level. The total number of people in this audience is then known as the universe. 

There are a huge number of possible target audiences that can be measured, however the number that can be used to trade TV is much smaller and so one of the key tasks when planning a TV campaign is to identify which audience should be traded in order to reach the target audience most efficiently and access the desired programming.

Should an advertiser have a specific target audience that cannot be traded on TV then it is common practise to convert to a trading/buying audience that will give them access to the best performing and most appropriate TV channels and programmes for their target audience. 

So, for example, a brand may want to reach a target audience of adults 55+. This isn’t a traded audience so converting to a trading (or buying) audience of ABC1 Adults is likely to give  that campaign access to the best suited and performing programmes for adults 55+.

Below you can see some of the profiles of different buying audiences and you can download the PowerPoint version by clicking on the download button on the top of the page.

Audience profiles

AudienceUniverseHours of total TV per dayHours of commercial TV per dayDaily commercial reach (3min)Weekly commercial reach (3min)Average profile% of TV liveAds viewed per day
Individuals60,977,0402 hrs, 32 mins1 hr, 41 mins52.6%77.9%100%82%31
Adults51,370,5362 hrs, 54 mins1 hrs, 55 mins57.5%81.1%84%82%35
ABC1 Adults 29,672,184 2 hrs, 24 mins1 hr, 29 mins53.5%79.4%49%79%26
16-34 Adults 14,181,089 55 mins40 mins31.5%62.5%23%73%12
Men 25,037,227 2 hrs, 44 mins1 hrs, 49 mins55.8%79.8%41%83%32
ABC1 Men 14,260,783 2 hrs, 16 mins1 hr, 23 mins51.9%78.0%23%80%23
16-34 Men 7,191,413 50 mins37 mins28.6%59.1%12%74%10
C2DE Men 10,776,444 3 hrs, 22 mins2 hrs, 22 mins60.9%82.0%18%86%44
Women 26,333,309 3 hrs, 3 mins2 hrs, 2 mins59.1%82.5%43%82%38
ABC1 Women 15,411,400 2 hrs, 32 mins1 hr, 33 mins55.1%80.7%25%79%28
16-34 Women 6,989,676 59 mins42 mins34.5%66.1%11%72%13
C2DE Women 10,921,908 3 hrs, 45 mins2 hrs, 41mins64.7%85.0%18%84%52
Housepersons 27,140,811 3 hrs, 29 mins2 hrs, 20 mins63.6%84.9%45%83%44
ABC1 Housepersons 15,262,045 2 hrs, 50 mins1 hrs, 44 mins58.8%82.8%25%79%31
Houseperson & Children 6,973,630 1 hrs, 44 mins1 hr, 13 mins49.3%78.4%11%77%22
Children 9,606,503 38 mins26 mins26.3%60.7%16%79%8

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