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How “There’s a glass in a half in everyone” turned round Cadbury’s fortunes

How “There’s a glass in a half in everyone” turned round Cadbury’s fortunes

Posted on: October 18, 2023

This story details the turnaround of one of the UK’s most iconic brands, Cadbury. After years of decline following a hostile takeover and a loss of focus on its core product Dairy Milk, Cadbury reoriented around its intrinsic purpose - generosity.

The resulting campaign - “There’s a glass & a half in everyone” - has re-established love for Dairy Milk, rebuilt the Cadbury brand, and has inspired the generosity of millions of Britons.

It typifies what made Cadbury so great in terms of that generosity of ingredients, from the very famous line of, "There's a glass and a half in everyone," just identifies what we're trying to land from a generosity perspective.

David Clements,UK Marketing Lead, Mondelez International

In turn, annual value sales have risen 22% since the campaign launched - considerably above the original 9% target - in the process generating £261m additional revenue per year.

Mark Ritson in Marketing Week referred to this campaign as “the poster child for strategically-derived, creatively-powered emotional advertising and all it can do for demand, revenues, price premium and growth.”

So no wonder it won the Grand Prix at the 2022 IPA Effectiveness Awards. You can buy the full case study at the IPA website here.

There's a series of TV films which are essentially the bedrock of the campaign. All of them are about our tales of generous instincts played out in day-to-day life as we call it, Fabric of the Nation Britain.

Ollie Gilmore,Group Planning Director, VCCP

Film Contributors

  • David Clements, UK Marketing Lead, Mondelez International
  • Ollie Gilmore, Group Planning Director, VCCP
  • Andy Nicholls, Planning Director, VCCP
  • Alana Ballantyne, Planning Director, VCCP

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