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Which media owners deliver the most scale for different audiences?

Which media owners deliver the most scale for different audiences?

Posted on: November 29, 2023

In this bumper edition of Charts on Film, we bring not one but three episodes. Research Manager Nailah Uddin brings the video galaxy to life for three different audiences: All individuals, 16-34s, and TV set viewing for this younger audience.

In the first film we showcase the wealth of video platforms available for viewers, advertisers, and planners. By leveraging data provided by Barb, the overall viewing landscape can be assessed through two key metrics: daily reach and the average amount of time that those people who are watching actually spend with each channel.

The second film presents the same analysis but for a younger audience, specifically 16-34’s.

The third film goes into the same 16-34 audience but looks at the total scale that differing channels have especially when it comes to the larger screen – the TV set.

Take a look at these three films to understand how commercial broadcasters play a vital role in today’s complex AV landscape with their unrivalled scale.

You can watch the videos above and download the decks now.

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