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Updated on: February 20, 2024/ Posted on: February 5, 2024

Introducing our brand-new limited podcast series ‘Beyond the Box’, hosted by our very own Harry Ward Masters. In each commuter-friendly half-hour episode, Harry chats to winners from 2023’s TV Planning Awards and gets under the bonnet of some of TV advertising’s most effective campaigns.

We go beyond the surface to explore the strategies, stories, and people shaping the TV advertising landscape. So, dive into the dynamic world of TV advertising and join us as we bring the brilliant minds behind the most impactful and creative TV campaigns directly to you.

Media planning superstars from EssenceMediacom, MG OMD, and Wavemaker all discuss their winning campaigns, including the ground-breaking eBay and Love Island partnership, Ring's smart product placement on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, and Nationwide's innovative 'planning for empathy' strategy.

Whether you work in media or marketing, or perhaps have a burning passion for TV that extends beyond your profession, ‘Beyond the Box’ is a must-listen. And if you’re thinking of entering the 2024 TV Planning Awards with an exciting campaign, you might get some helpful pointers for your entry!

Listen to the episodes below and subscribe on Spotify now to be the first to catch the next episode.

Episode 1. TV for Good: eBay x Pre-loved Island

In today’s episode of Beyond The Box we’re joined by the team behind our special award, TV for Good, with eBay’s partnership with Love Island. Tara Harris, Account Director, and Holly Carters, Creative Futures Lead, at EssenceMediacom discuss eBay’s aim to reframe second-hand clothing. By partnering with Love Island to become the show’s first ever pre-loved fashion partner, eBay provided the islanders with a wardrobe of fashionable second-hand clothes, chosen by a celebrity stylist. The partnership encouraged the nation to start talking positively about second-hand fashion and generated positive behaviour change to benefit the environment. Listen to find out more about the brilliant planning behind this highly successful campaign.

Episode 2. Best use of Content: Ring My Bell

Agency Relationship Manager Harry Ward Masters is accompanied by the team from MG OMD that won Best Use of Content and the Grand Prix prize. Their success is attributed to the Ring partnership with Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Ring partnered with ITV, using the fame and reach potential of their trusted broadcast platform to put Ring at the heart of one of the UK’s favourite shows with an in-show segment. Join Ellie Howard, Client Account Director, Harriet Fisher, Head of Partnerships and Will Selwyn, Media Creativity Director, as we delve into how this innovative product placement campaign came to life.

Episode 3. Best use of Sponsorship: McVitie’s x Britain’s Got Talent

On today’s episode we’re joined in the studio by Ruairi Biollo (Client Account Manager) and Cal Dawson (Social Account Manager) at MG OMD. They take us behind the scenes of the partnership between McVitie’s and Britain’s Got Talent. Aligning on McVitie’s ‘shared moments’ strategy, the partnership aimed to drive sales, promote their Britishness and make the brand stand out in stores. Dive into the narrative of how strategic TV sponsorship played a pivotal role in establishing McVitie’s as the reigning champion of biscuits across the nation.

Episode 4. Best TV Ad Planning: Nationwide planning for empathy

In the latest instalment of Beyond The Box, Harry Ward Masters welcomes the brilliant team from Wavemaker UK, winners of the Best TV Ad Planning award. Strategy Partner Rachel DCunha and AV Lead Jack Henderson delve into their innovative ‘planning for empathy’ approach employed for Nationwide. They discuss how they crafted a compelling strategy to emotionally connect with people, encouraging them to seek help during the cost-of-living crisis. Tune in to explore the intricacies of the strategic planning that underpinned the remarkable success of this campaign.

Episode 5. Best TV Newcomer: Home Office with Enough campaign

Harry Ward Masters is joined by the winners of our Best TV Newcomer award. The triumph of MG OMD is credited to the Home Office initiative named ‘Enough: Violence Against Women & Girls’. This powerful campaign effectively drove education and awareness, leveraging TV to provide the trusted, emotive and storytelling platform. Join Charlotte Dickson, Partnerships Account Director, Jessica Tosh, AV Investment Director, and Claudia Barker, Client Account Director, as they delve into the Channel 4 partnership with Hollyoaks and explore how this campaign propelled this serious issue into the public spotlight.

Episode 6. TV Planning Agency of the Year: MG OMD

In the final episode of this limited series we have the pleasure of welcoming the winners of the TV Planning Agency of the Year, MG OMD, into our studio. Emma Withington, Chief Planning Officer, Damian Nott, Head of AV, and Mike Williamson, Head of AV Planning, discuss their exceptional year, the distinguishing factors that set them apart and the reasons behind their triumph in receiving this prestigious award.

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