The global proof of TV’s power and popularity

While our way of life in the UK seems miles away from the sunny shores of Spain, the vibrancy of Colombia or Santa’s Northern Lights in Finland, how the world watches its TV is remarkably similar. Despite local difference in video offerings and tech capabilities, the bottom line is that the world loves TV.

And, if you need proof, look no further than The Global TV Group’s latest edition of The Global TV Deck.

At 154 pages, this is a vast collection of data demonstrating the power and popularity of TV and TV advertising around the world. It features data from 27 countries demonstrating TV’s resilience and strength as an advertising medium. There’s a lot of great insights to uncover, so let’s look at some of the most eye-catching.

TV’s global monthly reach is above 95%

In most of the included countries, TV’s monthly reach is over 95%. Even in countries with the lowest reach (Poland, USA, Switzerland and Australia) it is still 89%.

The remarkable resilience of linear

The deck shows that there has been a significant increase in access to the internet over the past decade, doubling in many countries or, in the case of Ecuador, up from 6% of households in 2006 to 87% of households in 2019! Despite the increased penetration of the internet, plus the use of devices and growth of subscription services, nearly 70% of countries report that broadcast TV set viewing has remained stable – or even seen an increase – over the last 10 years.

The world’s favourite form of video

We know from our own research that TV’s share of video time in the UK is impressive – it makes up 68% of our video day. But that’s fairly average when you look at other countries. For example, the USA spends 74% of their video day watching TV, Austrians and Germans spend 85%, whilst the Dutch and Swiss lead the way with 86%.

Unparalleled impact

TV remains the main source for news around the world, providing high quality information and a daily routine for millions – something we all experienced during the early months of the global health crisis. Trust in TV advertising maintains a high level, and this is evident across Europe where nearly half of EU citizens reported having higher levels of trust in TV versus other advertising media. The attention that TV ads capture is also widespread; in Switzerland it is reported that young people notice TV advertising the most, over social media and YouTube. Canadians’ attention is most captured by TV ads over other forms of advertising. And 32% of Italians rated TV as by far the most useful form of advertising.

TV’s effective everywhere

The bottom line for advertisers is that TV is worth investing in because it pays back. TV is renowned for its ability to quickly drive awareness, launch a product and build a brand. And there is plenty of data from all corners of the globe to prove it.

The deck shows how, in Australia, TV is the most efficient media channel, almost twice as efficient as Search (which indexes at 57% of TV’s efficiency); how TV improves digital’s performance in France, increasing its sales ROI by 19% due to its ‘halo effect’ on other media; and how, in Mexico, TV generates the highest brand equity, contributing more to brand metrics than any other advertising platform.

If you want the latest UK data on TV advertising’s effectiveness, look here.

TV lends itself to constant reinvention by embracing new technological developments to help ensure its viewers and advertisers have the highest quality products and services. The Global TV Group’s wide-ranging library of information about TV is full of evidence that shows why TV has such a bright future ahead, no matter where in the world it’s watched.

Download The Global TV Deck for free here.

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