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Earning Attention: vision and sound in advertising

Earning Attention: vision and sound in advertising

Posted on: September 25, 2023

Advertising doesn’t just deserve attention; it must earn it. And, with so much going on around us in our living rooms and lives, how does advertising compete? How does it earn its place in our memories?

And, with so much attention research so far focused on the visual, what part does audio play? Not all advertising is solely about looking, after all.

Working with cognitive scientists and academics, and employing a range of cutting-edge research techniques – including virtual reality – Thinkbox has set out to unpick and explain the roles that audio and visual signals play in gaining and keeping attention for advertising.

This event explores how attention really happens and offer new insights to breathe fresh life into the attention debate, giving audio the recognition it deserves.

You can download the slides from the day by clicking the download button above.


Theories of attention

Professor of Psychology at Royal Holloway and an expert in human attention, Professor Polly Dalton explains academic theories such as Perceptual Load and Inattentional Blindness and provides a deeper understanding into the role they play in explaining how people focus their attention.

Competing for attention

Award-winning cognitive scientist, Dr Ali Goode, reveals the results from a large-scale academic study, exploring how TV ads compete for attention and highlighting the roles audio and visual signals play in gaining and keeping attention. Using footage from an ethnography study using VR and 360 in cameras placed front-rooms, he brings attention to life with examples of TV viewing, distractions, and multi-screen activities.

Panel discussion

After all that, a distinguished panel discuss what we’ve learned and debate the use of attention metrics. With Professor Polly Dalton, Mark Barber MBE, Planning Director, Radiocentre and Geoff de Burca, Chief Strategy Officer, EssenceMediacom. Chaired by Matt Hill, Research and Planning Director, Thinkbox.

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