Buying advanced TV advertising

Here we summarise the process of planning and buying advanced TV across the three major UK broadcasters.

Fixed pricing

  • The price of Broadcaster VOD or AdSmart does not fluctuate with supply and demand in the same way linear TV does.
  • There is some seasonal variation with broadcaster VOD pricing based on demand, but it’s not dictated by market supply and demand mechanics in the same way linear TV is.

No advance booking for advanced TV

  • Broadcaster VOD does not require advanced booking, although there are some incentives offered for early booking.

Automated buying

  • Most broadcaster VOD campaigns are bought through media agencies as opposed to individual advertisers buying directly.
  • Agency buyers who pick up the phone or email the broadcast sales teams to place their orders.
  • As the broadcasters develop more sophisticated, automated platforms, agencies can now completely automate the way they buy audiences from the broadcaster VOD players. 

Channel 4 operate on a DSP agnostic basis, and have partnerships already formed with the likes of the Trade Desk and Adobe, who can plug into Channel 4’s sell side platform (SSP) Freewheel. They also have integrations with Google’s Demand Side Platform called DV360.

ITV have UK exclusive rights to utilise Amobee’s demand side platform (DSP), which they’ve recently branded Planet V.  Planet V will offer a means for advertisers and agencies to plug their own trading desks in, so they can directly place orders against their custom audiences.

Sky's AVX (Audio Visual Exchange) proposition offers advertiser and agencies automated access to long form VOD ad inventory via their partnerships with Freewheel and Adobe DSP.  AVX continues to evolve and will expand to become DSP agnostic, offering fully automated access to targeting, with reporting feeding into CFlight to provide a unique cross platform understanding of campaign performance.

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