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Autos TV ad collection

Autos TV ad collection

Posted on: August 30, 2023

The autos sector continues to ignite the hearts of its audience with eye-catching graphics, memorable music, and captivating storytelling. To showcase their engineering excellence, the autos sector spent £311,763,236* on TV advertising in 2022. If you’re looking to go on a visual journey through some of best auto ads TV currently has to offer, then this gallery is your ultimate destination.

Ads in the gallery

  • Ford: Break It In
  • Volvo: The small SUV doing big Volvo things
  • Skoda: A lot goes into a Fabia
  • Suzuki: Good Different
  • Volkswagen: Cool Dad
  • Skoda: Purr and Gurr
  • KIA: The Lonely Firefly
  • Honda: Feel More
  • Ford: The Beauty of Change
  • Suzuki: Enjoy the Ride

*Source: Neilsen Ad Intel

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