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Beauty & Brains: supercharging the Audi premium

Beauty & Brains: supercharging the Audi premium

Posted on: October 22, 2019

This film tells the story of how Audi and BBH London worked together, creating emotional narratives that transformed their business in the automotive market.

Audi needed to supercharge its premium to grow. Between 2015 and 2018 they did this by defining the feeling of ‘progressive premium’ and telling the story of ‘beautiful cars with amazing brains’. The result was a new chapter in the Vorsprung durch Technik journey.

Their campaign won the Grand Prix at the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2018.


  • They smashed their targets for building brand desirability, distinctiveness, brand worth and associations with intelligent tech, especially among the prestige audience.
  • More models were sold, especially those of a higher specification and for an increased average price, closing the gap to competitors and driving lifetime customer value up, especially amongst the highest value segments.


  • Established, consistent and effective brands can unlock progressive thinking through research and data. This is a rare case study in how to premiumise in automotive.
  • A brilliant reminder of the power of creativity. By understanding what modern premium needed to feel like, and bringing it to life famously, emotionally and distinctly across multiple media, they supercharged desirability and sales.
  • Sometimes the best way to excite consumers about your brand is to keep things simple.

The BBH relationship with Audi has been going strong for 36 years and just look at the effect. Number one brand desirability, number one for consideration and now because of ‘beautiful cars with amazing brains’, number one for being known for technology. BBH and Audi is a true success story.

Benjamin Braun Marketing and Digital Director, Audi (2016 – 2019)

Film Contributors

  • Benjamin Braun, Marketing and Digital Director, Audi (2016 – 2019)
  • Ian Heartfield, Executive Creative Director, BBH London
  • Ben Shaw, Head of Strategy, BBH London

You can purchase and read the full case study by visiting the IPA website.

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