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The shortlist: Thinkbox TV Planning awards 2019

View the full shortlist for the Thinkbox TV Planning awards 2019


‘Waking the sleep shoppers’: A proper effective campaign for Yorkshire Tea

Learn how Yorkshire Tea won a Silver at the IPA Effectiveness Awards by using a great creative execution and the wide reach of TV.


May’s chart of the month

This month’s chart shows a marked increase in Broadcaster VOD viewed on the TV set in 2018. Available for download now.


Suzuki get full marks by funding All Star Driving School

This is the story of how an engaging ad funded programme, along with product placement, allowed Suzuki to launch their new car aimed at young women


Let’s end online mis-aggregation

There is a habit in media of sweeping up internet activities into big meaningless numbers. Matt Hill discusses why we’d benefit from changing this.


The March / April Thinkboxes awards shortlist

Watch stand out spots from Argos, British Heart Foundation, Citroen, Irn Bru and Sipsmith.


‘Profit Ability’: download the full report

Landmark advertising effectiveness research from ebiquity and Gain Theory.

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Vacancy: Research & Planning Assistant (internship)

Could you be the curious, talented and analytically minded intern we're looking for?


Sam Heath from VCCP chooses his 3 great ads

Sam talks about his three ad choices that have inspired him – Guinness, Super Noodle and Levi’s


Latest deck: TV advertising’s killer charts

For the full lowdown on why TV is the most effective form of advertising download this deck packed with facts and evidence.


Breaking ads

We update this gallery weekly with a collection of the latest and best ads breaking on TV.


Currency of Effectiveness films

Watch our exploration of marketing effectiveness with a wide range of industry experts. Learn about how measurement of effectiveness is changing, how it can be maximised and how marketers are gearing up for the new age of effectiveness.

3 great ads I had nothing to do with


3 great ads I had nothing to do with Sir John Hegarty

Volkswagen, Heineken and Marmite - hear from an advertising legend as he takes us through the 3 great ads he had nothing to do with


3 great ads: Chaka Sobhani

Leo’s entertaining and insightful Chief Creative Officer reveals her choices


3 great ads: David Kolbusz

3 great ads I had nothing to do with: David Kolbusz on Skittles, Honda... and one that never aired