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It’s for everyone

It’s for everyone

Posted on: August 17, 2023

TV is for everyone, in every sense: every advertiser, every marketing budget, every audience, and every need state.

TV reaches almost everyone. In 2022, linear TV and broadcaster VOD (BVOD) combined reached 91.3% of the adult population each week. And BVOD in particular is vital to younger audiences, accounting for 28% of their broadcaster viewing (more than double that of the average viewer).

We watch TV and other forms of video for a variety of reasons (or need states), from the desire to unwind to our need for comfort or distraction. Unlike some forms of video, TV is fundamental to almost all of these viewing need states. It has something for everyone.

And it has something for almost every advertiser. More and more brands are trying TV for the first time. Nielsen Ad Intel report that, in 2022, 959 advertisers used TV for the first time, or returned after 5+ years away. Between 2017-2021, the average number of new-to-TV advertisers a year was 1,003. The large number of new-to-TV advertisers demonstrates the increasing appeal of TV advertising to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

And it’s important to note that these aren’t just huge businesses with budgets to match. Looking at the make-up of TV advertisers in 2022, 763 (31% of all advertisers) spent under £50k on TV and 1,331 (53%) spent below £250k. Only 29% of all advertisers spent more than £1 million and only 6% spent above £10 million

1 Linear TV and BVOD over 90 percent of adults every week
2 TV is fundamental in almost all viewing need states
3 How we watch broadcaster TV
4 More and more advertisers are trying TV for the first time
5 830 advertisers spent under 50k on TV in 2021

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