Why TV?

Discover why TV advertising is so brilliant at creating success for brands, both overnight and over the long-term


Makes you famous

Fame is important in advertising and nothing creates fame like TV

Brilliant value

Brilliant value

TV can be perceived as pricey, but it’s incredibly good value – almost half the price of YouTube, for example


Unrivalled trust

TV is held to the highest standards – and viewers know it and trust it


Instant Impact

TV advertising starts working immediately and carries on delivering for years into the future


It’s for everyone

TV is for everyone: every advertiser, every marketing budget, every audience, and every need


Energises other media

TV has wide effects and consistently makes other elements of advertising campaigns work harder


Supreme storytelling

TV is one of the greatest storytelling platforms civilisation has invented


Advanced tech and data capabilities

TV’s constant evolution means it has more to offer advertisers than ever before


More effective than ever

Whether in the short term or the long, TV advertising delivers the most profit at the greatest cost-efficiency and for the lowest risk


ecommerce’s shop window

In the crowded online world, reaching out to new customers is vital. Find out why TV is important for ecommerce.