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Happily Ever After: about Thinkbox’s 2023 ad

Happily Ever After: about Thinkbox’s 2023 ad

Posted on: December 15, 2022

Our new TV ad - Thinkbox’s seventh – tells the story of Michael Goose, a passionate and devoted lawyer, and his struggle to build his business, which deals exclusively with nursery rhyme-related injustices.

Despite his best efforts, the first few years were tough. But after securing a lucrative pay out for Jack and Jill (citing a public right of way and water-fetching bylaw), Michael re-invested the profits in a TV advert for his firm. That’s when everything changed. Overnight, Happily Ever After Law Associates became an institution. It wasn’t long before every blind mouse, eloping spoon, and popped weasel was beating down Michael's door for legal representation. Cases featured in the new ad include Incy Wincy’s sudden and soaking eviction notice and Mrs Dumpty’s lawsuit for gross eggligence.

The ad dramatises a common story for many businesses: to go to the next stage of growth and scale up, they turn to TV advertising to drive new, widespread demand. With its ability to reach vast audiences, grab attention, engender trust, forge emotional connections, and make brands famous, TV helps brands jump over the moon.

With businesses operating in increasingly tough conditions, it’s a good time to remind them that nothing works harder than TV advertising. But we also want to do that in an engaging, entertaining way – to be a welcome guest in living rooms across the country. There’s some outstanding TV advertising being made at the moment, and we hope that our new campaign – courtesy of the dream team of Mother London and Blinkink – will also help showcase why it pays to invest in creativity and craft.

Andrew MacGillivray Marketing Director, Thinkbox

Thinkbox’s TV advertising

Thinkbox’s TV ads have been doing their best to entertain and catch the eye of marketing directors everywhere since 2009. This is Mother London’s second TV campaign for Thinkbox since it was appointed as its creative agency in 2019, following ‘Tooth Fairy’. Media planning and buying is by MediaCom.

From 26 December, the new Thinkbox TV ad will be screened across a variety of broadcast and on-demand TV channels represented by Thinkbox’s shareholders and their partner channels. Thinkbox’s shareholders are Channel 4, ITV, Sky Media, and UKTV who together represent over 99% of commercial TV advertising revenue through their owned and partner TV channels.

Creative credits

  • Creative Agency: Mother London
  • Creative: Mother
  • Strategy: Mother
  • Directors: Jonny & Will, Blinkink
  • Executive Producer: Josef Byrne, Blinkink
  • Production Company Producer: Cindy Burnay
  • DOP: Will Bex
  • Cast: Matt Green, Ellie Nunn
  • Puppeteers: Jonny Sabbagh, Will Harper, Tim Cherry-Jones
  • Art Department: Joe Withers
  • Editor: Nick Armstrong @ TenThree
  • Edit Producer: Rachel Goodger
  • Colourist: Alex Gregory @No.8
  • VFX Supervisor: Jim Allen @ No.8
  • Post-production Senior Producer: Glen Percival @ No.8
  • Illustration: Helen Castelow
  • After Effects animator: David Khosravani
  • Sound engineer / Sound design: Sam Robson @ No.8
  • Music Supervision: Will Harper + Tristan Williams

Media planning & buying credits

  • Media Agency: MediaCom
  • Business Director: Tim Williams
  • Account Director: Stephanie Smith
  • AV Senior Associate Director: Becci Wilson
  • AV Senior Associate Director: Nick Docker
  • AV Account Director: Oliva Dack
  • AV Account Manager: Kathryn Reid


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