Thinkbox TV ads

Mass reach, fame, emotional engagement, a dog called Harvey and now nursery rhyme law. TV advertising has been Thinkbox’s most effective communication.


Happily Ever After: about Thinkbox’s 2023 ad

In the latest Thinkbox TV ad, we see TV advertising working wonders for a very unusual law firm.

How TV advertising transformed the Tooth Fairy’s business

In this Thinkbox ad, we see the huge transformative effect TV advertising can have on a business. Only it’s not your average business; it’s the Tooth Fairy’s business.


The Broadcast: about Thinkbox’s 2016 ad

In this Thinkbox TV ad, Aliens suddenly appear on TV across the UK to announce they are coming to Earth. Cue bedlam as the nation rushes to greet them.

thinkbox tv ads harvey harmony kiss

Harvey and Harmony: about Thinkbox’s 2014 ad

Harvey uses the power of TV advertising to persuade his owner to let the love of his life come to live with them.

On set with Harvey & Harmony

On set with Harvey & Harmony

Behind the scenes of the TV ad Harvey the dog shot with his beloved Harmony and best pal Rabbit.

Thinkbox tv ads harvey rabbit

Harvey & Rabbit: about Thinkbox’s 2012 TV Ad

In this Thinkbox TV ad, Harvey the dog’s best friend Rabbit dangles perilously over the waste bin. Will the power of TV advertising be able to save the day?

thinkbox tv ads: photo booth

Harvey & Rabbit: extra clips

The dynamic duo get into all sorts of scrapes. Here’s some extra film from their celebrated TV ad campaign that capture some of the fun.

Dog’s Home: about Thinkbox’s 2010 TV Ad

Thinkbox's second TV ad introduced the world to the multi-talented and extremely smart Harvey the dog.

Working with Harvey

Behind the scenes of Dog’s Home

What’s it like being on set with a canine legend like Harvey? This short film features interviews with the actors from Thinkbox's Dogs’ Home TV ad

Thinkbox tv ads Head

Head: about Thinkbox’s 2009 TV ad

Thinkbox's first ever TV ad paid tribute to some of the greatest and most memorable TV commercials, still paying back years later