Media in Focus: free download


Almost a decade after their seminal 'Marketing in the Era of Accountability', earlier this year Les Binet and Peter Field revealed their latest analysis of the IPA Databank, ‘Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era: Media in Focus’.  Designed to identify marketing best-practice at a time when usage of online channels is widespread, this work sheds plenty of new light on the effectiveness of advertising and the role of different forms of video within it.

The first part of the report, 'Media in Focus', is now available as a free download courtesy of Thinkbox.  You can also purchase the print version from the IPA website. It takes the changing media landscape as its focus and addresses, among others, the issues of: Does mass marketing still work? Is tight targeting now the most efficient approach? Is unpaid making paid media redundant? It also investigates the broader issues of budgeting, planning and reporting, and challenges the industry to reconsider approaches to efficiency, ROMI and measurement strategy.

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