Giving attention a little attention: download the white paper


Giving attention a little attention’, undertaken by award-winning cognitive scientist Dr Ali Goode, outlines the current approaches to attention within the advertising and media industry and compares them with academic insights and theories.

A recent surge in global interest in advertising attention measurement has prompted key questions such as is attention the missing link in media measurement? Is it the vital piece of the advertising effectiveness jigsaw that will complete the picture? This interest has forced an industry-wide rethink of legacy media metrics.

As a result, it was important to gain a deeper understanding of current thinking by commissioning an independent review. In particular, understanding how attention is understood in the academic cognitive science world and how this compares with its commercial application within media.

This paper is hopefully a valuable addition to the advertising attention debate, raising the potential for some course correction, and identifying some important areas that are yet to be incorporated into current thinking or fully understood.

Download your copy of the full paper at the top of this page.

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