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VOD viewing


How, where and when we watch our favourite TV content continues to evolve as technology enhances our viewing experience. VOD now plays a significant role in the viewing landscape, both in terms of time spent viewing and fulfilling specific viewer ‘needs’.

Take a look at these slides to understand VOD’s place in the video world. You’ll find loads of up-to-date stats and facts relating to how much VOD we watch, how many of us watch it and the screens we love to watch it on.

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2019 TV viewing report

All the facts and figures for TV viewing in the UK. Includes audience viewing data, advertising impacts, TV infrastructure plus loads more.


Monthly TV Viewing Report: January 2020

In January adults watched an average of 2 hours, 28 minutes of commercial linear TV each day, we revisited the gripping case of the White House Farm murders & the Eurostar ostrich was back on our screens


February’s Chart of the Month: the relationship between efficiency and profit

Thinkbox’s Demand Generator planning tool clearly shows the relationship between ROI and profit at different levels of spend.