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Trends in TV 2023/4 nickable charts

Trends in TV 2023/4 nickable charts

Posted on: May 14, 2024

TV remains the core of the most successful advertising campaigns, so understanding today’s TV – how it is evolving, enhancing, and why that is fantastic news for advertisers – is a core skill. This collection of nickable slides from our Trends in TV publication will provide you with all the analysis and insight you need from viewing trends to video advertising time and advertising investment.

Key themes covered in the charts:

  • TV viewing patterns have stabilised as the shift to on demand continues
  • The decline in linear TV is being largely offset by increases to on-demand services
  • Just as video viewing appears to have entered a period of stability and relative predictability, so too has video advertising
  • Planning against reach alone can lead to ineffective campaigns
  • Interest rates hit online born brands’ advertising investment, which hits TV
  • Many categories increased TV investment in 2023 – especially FMCG
  • The cost of TV advertising reduced in 2023 – especially if you take the value of the pound into account
  • Content media are under threat from spend trends, and online search is potentially over-invested
  • BVOD is the most cost-effective place to reach 16-34s on TV

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