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January’s Chart of the Month: TV is a trusted medium

January’s Chart of the Month: TV is a trusted medium

Posted on: January 9, 2024

Recent years have seen a strengthening relationship between advertising trust and advertising driven profit. Comparing IPA survey data from 2014-2022 with data from 2000-2012, trust jumped from the seventh-highest brand metric linked to profit to the second-highest, just below quality.

Trust is often correlated with quality and has become increasingly important. Consumers are continuously forming assessments of the quality of the brands they may buy, based on whether they trust the brand (and its advertising).

Data showcased by effectiveness expert Peter Field at The Future of TV Advertising Global 2023 suggests that there seems to be a relationship between campaigns that created trust effects and their budget allocation to different media. Field’s work shows that campaigns using TV, search, online display, press, and radio achieved enhanced trust effects; whilst social media, social video, and online video were much less likely to deliver positive trust effects.

Additionally, many previous research studies have emphasised the importance of trust – not least Thinkbox’s ‘Adnormal Behaviour’ (conducted by Ipsos), which revealed how TV outperformed all other media as the leading source of advertising that people trust.

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