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Chart of the fortnight: TV is a driver for e-commerce businesses


Taken from Thinkbox’s Demand Generator, this fortnight’s chart shows the business results of TV advertising for a mid-sized online retailer with a total advertising budget of £10m. 

When TV is used as part of their advertising campaign, campaign uplift – incremental revenue generated during the campaign, plus the following 3 months – reaches £32.2m, compared to £25.4m when TV is not used. Base sales growth (measured over 3 years) also increases to £35.6m with TV, compared to £23.3m without. These effects total a revenue return of £67.9m over 3 years when using TV vs £48.7m without TV.

Overall it shows how online brands see a greater campaign uplift and increase in base sales when TV is used as part of their advertising media mix.

Please note: “Without TV” refers to without TV or Broadcaster VOD. Return is optimised across all channels (inc. TV) or all channels (exc. TV).

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