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August’s Chart of the Month: Broadcaster TV accounted for 71% of in-home viewing among adults in H1


Using BARB’s definition of ‘total identified viewing’*, this month’s Chart of the Month shows that adults in the UK spent an average of 4 hours, 17 minutes a day watching TV at home during January-June this year. The majority of this (71%) was spent watching broadcast TV channels and broadcaster VOD services.

Video sharing services (such as TikTok, Twitch and YouTube) accounted for 15% of viewing, averaging 39 minutes per day. Similarly, SVOD/AVOD accounted for 14% of viewing (35 minutes).

Looking specifically at SVOD/AVOD services, we can determine the proportion of viewing by platform using IPA TouchPoints data. This reveals that Netflix accounts for over half of SVOD/AVOD viewing (58%), whilst Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus attract 18% and 16% respectively. Contrastingly, viewing to non-broadcaster AVOD services accounted for the lowest share at 1%.

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* Total identified viewing includes:

  • Total broadcaster viewing – this represents the time spent watching linear broadcast TV channels and broadcaster-owned VOD services (BVOD). This includes live viewing, as well as pre- and post-broadcast viewing, and viewing to archive box-sets on a BVOD service. This is reported across four screens — TV sets, tablets, PCs, and smartphones — by gathering information about what is streamed through the home Wi-Fi network. For tagged services that share their own census level data with BARB, this includes any streaming regardless of whether it was through the home Wi-Fi network or not.

  • Total SVOD/AVOD viewing – this covers 19 VOD services, notably Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Netflix. Viewing is reported on all four screens, although this only includes viewing through a home’s Wi-Fi network as these services are not tagged.

  • Total video-sharing – this covers the use of platforms such as TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube. As with SVOD/AVOD viewing, reporting for video-sharing platforms only includes viewing through a home Wi-Fi network on all four screens.
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