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March’s Chart of the Month: The changing TV landscape


The latest viewing data charts the trend of how the TV viewing landscape continues to change and evolve.

Our TV diet is more varied than ever and is evident in our desire to access high quality, professionally produced, long-form content in a variety of different ways.

Despite a decline in live viewing over the last decade, overall TV has remained remarkably stable as viewers discover new ways to access the content they love in the way that best suits them.

On demand viewing continues to rise, for both Broadcaster VOD and Subscription VOD. BVOD is more popular than ever with an average viewing time of 15 mins per day – up 12 mins per day from 2018. SVOD consumption remains consistent and continues to compliment the UK’s linear offerings.

TV remains incredibly popular and UK broadcasters account for the vast majority of video viewing, despite the huge amount of choice now available.

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