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January’s Chart of the Month: Optimal media budget mix differs by sector


Being able to break away from using the ‘average’ to more sector specific data can make a huge difference when optimising a brand’s media mix to maximise results for one year’s spend.

As presented at the recent Thinkbox event ‘Demand Generation’ - which unveiled The Demand Generator, a new cross media optimisation tool - the above chart shows the differences between sectors in terms of the optimal media mix by channel and proportion of investment.

The first set of bars represents the entire Demand Generator tool database – the ‘average’ – and we can see that it doesn’t match any of the other six bars that are split down by category. In being able to split down to category level (FMCG, Finance, Retail, etc), we can see how the optimum media mix changes for each based on the specific needs of that sector.

The one consistent factor throughout all is that TV is the largest single channel. But even within that, the extent to which TV is the largest channel can vary greatly (from the extremes of FMCG and Finance, for example).



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