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VOD viewing


How, where and when we watch our favourite TV content continues to evolve as technology enhances our viewing experience. VOD now plays a significant role in the viewing landscape, both in terms of time spent viewing and fulfilling specific viewer ‘needs’.

Take a look at these slides to understand VOD’s place in the video world. You’ll find loads of up-to-date stats and facts relating to how much VOD we watch, how many of us watch it and the screens we love to watch it on.


Future Focus Report Q3

With Q3 planning well under way, this report will be a handy guide on what to expect over the coming months.


Monthly TV Viewing Report: April 2023

In April, adults watched an average of 1 hours 51 minutes of commercial linear TV each day. April saw the launch of I'm a Celebrity... South Africa on ITV1, and loo roll brand Who Gives A Crap launched its first-ever advert.


TV Expenditure Patterns

This collection of slides provides a view on TV expenditure patterns, from advertisers to categories. Download the chart to learn more.