What is the Media Mix Navigator?

No brand is average. And with countless choices and countless voices to consider when building a media plan, where do you start – especially if you don’t have access to your own econometric analysis?

Well, to be immodest for a moment, here.

Here, where you are now, is the perfect place to start. In fact, it has been specifically designed to do that job.

The Media Mix Navigator is a unique – and entirely FREE – tool built on highly credible, impartial data with scale that helps answer your business-specific media questions.

It was first launched in 2019, and called the Demand Generator. But a lot has happened since then, and it needed to be brought bang up to date. We even gave it a new name.

Here are the key updates…

Brand new and bigger data

It now covers 2018 to 2021 with econometric data from 52 brands across 14 product categories and 10 media channels collectively representing some £2.2 billion in ad spend.

More flexibility

The tool now enables you to easily explore the impact that different budget levels have on budget allocation across channels and both revenue and profit ROI. 

It shows you the recommended media mix for the budget level you have chosen, plus two budget levels just above, and two just below.  So you can see the different impact at a glance and play around with things more.

It also has additional brand category and sub-category splits to allow you to get even closer to your exact business needs.

Enhanced risk management

Risk management is on everyone’s mind, more so than ever. So we’ve put more emphasis on it in the tool. There are now four levels of risk to choose from (previously there were just two). 

The tool shows you the output (budget allocation, revenue delivery, ROI) for all four risk levels so you can see the impact of increasing/decreasing the amount of risk you are comfortable with and easily move to a different risk tolerance level if it is felt appropriate. 

At each risk level, the tool shows expected average performance as well as a range within which the actual delivery is expected to fall based upon statistical confidence levels. 

Clear use cases

This isn’t an update, more a reminder. The Media Mix Navigator will help you shape your planning and can be used for a variety of ends, including as a starting point for allocation and payback when you don’t have access to specific econometrics; to show the impact on business outcomes of channel or budget changes; or as a credible source of ROI norms to inform new business pitches.

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    Anthony Jones
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