Hit Stories - the making of Dad’s Army: The Lost Episodes

In our latest episode of the Hit Stories series, John Plunkett talks to Director and Executive Producer Ben Kellett on the mammoth task of recreating three episodes from the hugely successful classic sitcom, Dad’s Army. ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker’, ‘A Stripe for Frazer’ and ‘Under Fire’ were wiped and essentially lost in the late 1960s after broadcast, but with the original scripts still intact, UKTV commissioned them to be remade for Gold. From assembling a star-studded new cast, recreating the famous set and costumes, and doing justice to the timeless comedy writing of Jimmy Perry and David Croft, see what went on behind the scenes of this unique piece of TV history.

Throughout this series, John Plunkett talks to the people who make the nations’ hit shows, asks how it’s done and what’s coming next. In a world where advertisers are themselves looking to get the attention of big audiences, or create their own compelling content, there is much to learn from the teams behind the very best in the business.

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