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5 keys to maximising profit in tough times

5 keys to maximising profit in tough times

Posted on: April 27, 2023

These are tough times for marketers, but you’re not powerless. There are things you can do.

In this series of short videos, Les Binet, adam&eveDDB’s Group Head of Effectiveness, shares tips – his ‘5 keys’ - on how to adapt your marketing strategy and optimise returns from your advertising investment.

Each film explores one of the five factors we should all be thinking about:

  1. Growth prospects
  2. Profit margins
  3. Advertising costs
  4. Risk
  5. Advertising effectiveness

1) Growth prospects

Growth Prospects

The world has been turned upside down in recent years. Pandemic, war, energy crises, labour markets in chaos, rising intertest rates, and the biggest rise in inflation for decades. It’s a cocktail of economic instability and uncertainty. In the first in this series of five films, Les Binet underlines the importance of understanding the growth prospects for your company and your brand over the next few months and years.

2) Profit margins

Profit Margins

Costs are rising, inflation is high, and margins are under pressure. But there are things you can do. Les Binet explains how to adjust your marketing strategy in order to restore and maintain margins.

3) Advertising costs

Advertising Costs

You’ll no doubt have heard that advertising costs are rising. This is true, but we need to think about how those costs are changing in real terms to fully understand what’s actually happening. In this short film, Les Binet looks at the trends and explains why advertising costs, in tough times, can be the deal of the century.

4) Risk


Marketers want to be sure that their advertising and marketing campaigns are paid back but some of the research techniques that they're using to inform their investments are giving them wildly misleading answers. Les Binet outlines how to reduce risk and make better informed decisions.

5) Advertising effectiveness

Advertising Effectiveness

These are tough times for marketers and it’s important to make sure that every penny spent works as hard as possible. In the final film of the series, Les Binet explains which media work best in today's environment and reveals the secret sauce that makes everything work harder.


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