Trends in TV 2022-23


With £5.28 billion invested in TV advertising in the UK in 2022 (making it the second highest spending year on record after 2021), advertiser-funded TV in the UK continues to thrive. Nothing works harder than TV advertising. Download ‘Trends in TV’ to find out why TV advertising continues to be one of the most influential investments a business can make.

 ‘Trends in TV’ explores what’s been happening to TV viewing over the last year, why it happened, and what it means – both for the future of viewing, the future of advertising, and the value of TV to advertisers.

All the latest facts and figures are literally at your fingertips.

Highlights include:

  • The latest trends in video including new, granular data from Barb
  • in-depth analysis including how TV viewing is evolving
  • insights and guidance to help optimise how TV is planned
  • adam&eveDDB’s Les Binet looks at how marketers can navigate tough economic times
  • insight and opinion on why FAST services are having less of an impact in the UK than they are in the US from Enders’ Tom Harrington

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