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1,784 graduates from TV Masters in 6 months since launch

1,784 graduates from TV Masters in 6 months since launch

Posted on: May 13, 2021

Thinkbox releases data on early success of its ground-breaking TV training programme

The Thinkbox TV Masters Spring term begins this week – the third term since the course launched in October 2020.

Following feedback from early graduates, Thinkbox has refreshed elements of the course, further refining the user experience, and adding to and renewing course content to keep it up to date. Continuity fans may notice slight shifts in the presenters’ attire and hair styles during some of the videos.

To mark the new term, Thinkbox has released data on the popularity of TV Masters so far…

7,549 registrations and counting

TV Masters achieved its first year target of 2,000 registrations in its first week. Since then the number of registrations has more than tripled.

A total of 1,784 people have completed TV Masters so far, an average of 8 graduates a day since launch. That adds up to 23,192 hours of training completed.

Students from all the top 20 media agencies in the UK and 56 of the top 100 advertisers have taken TV Masters.

95% would recommend TV Masters

In addition to this, 97% of graduates scored the content excellent or good; 95% rated the website experience and functionality excellent or good; and 99% consider TV Masters a worthwhile experience, which is a relief.

Boosting knowledge and skills

  • 90% of graduates say they now have a comprehensive understanding of today’s TV advertising.
  • 79% now understand TV’s multiple marketing roles.
  • 80% now understand how TV drives business growth.
  • 72% say they’ve gained insights, tips and skills to be more effective at work.

Lindsey Clay, Thinkbox CEO: “TV Masters has arrived at a time of renaissance and reappraisal in TV advertising. TV is transforming and it’s important we help people keep up. So the numbers and feedback from the first 6 months of the course are great to see. We couldn’t be happier with the way TV Masters has been received.”

About TV Masters

TV Masters is a free and fully accredited online training course in TV advertising.  It has been designed in collaboration with broadcasters, agencies, and advertisers to help boost critical skills and knowledge across the industry.

The course draws from a rich databank of academic research, industry studies, thought leadership, brand case studies, and practical media and marketing expertise. From the changing viewing landscape to a masterclass in effectiveness, and from the latest advanced TV solutions to the practicalities of planning and buying a TV campaign, TV Masters covers all the existing and emerging ways brands can work with TV to deliver business success.

The TV Masters syllabus

Split into six modules covering the length and breadth of the TV advertising landscape, TV Masters is comprised of over 14 hours of video content. The six modules are:

  1. All about viewing: how viewing is changing, the impact of streaming and the roles TV plays for viewers
  2. All about ads: how TV advertising sits in the video world
  3. Planning and buying TV: the theory, research and practicalities of planning and buying a TV campaign
  4. Advertising effectiveness: the science of effectiveness and how TV contributes to business growth
  5. TV partnerships: sponsorships, ad-funded programming, product placement, licencing and more
  6. Advanced TV advertising: the rapidly developing world of data and tech-driven TV

Participants are given up to 10 weeks to complete the course, and are guided along the way with tests, additional reading, downloadable slides, and useful resources to fully equip them long after the course has ended.

Those who complete the six modules will be given the option of taking a final exam, with the chance to add a distinction to their achievement. The course has also been CPD certified by both the IPA and the CPD Certification Service.

Leading the course is Thinkbox’s Planning team, headed up by Matt Hill, Research & Planning Director, and including Zoe Harkness, Head of Training; Rupen Shah, Head of Client Services; and Sam Olive, Planning Controller. 

TV Masters also features a number of guest contributors, including behavioural scientist Richard Shotton and Matt Chappell, Senior Partner at Gain Theory. Advanced TV specialists from the broadcasters also feature, including David Amodio, Deputy Head of Digital & Innovation, Channel 4; Patrick Kelly, Head of Digital, ITV; and Sarah Jones, Director of Planning, Sky Media.

The Spring 2021 course is open at until Monday 19th July, with enrolments closing on Monday 14th June.

Methodology Quantitative data based on an exit survey of 1,401 respondents who completed TV Masters between 9/11/20 and 22/04/21.


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