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Switch on Yesterday as it unravels hidden stories of ruin in this week’s Abandoned Engineering adventures. Take yourself to W, for a mixed bag of fun as four celebs try their hand in parenting while the real parents get some well needed rest. Enjoy Lenny Henry’s eye-opening three-part series as the last five decades of British comedy are explored against the backdrop of race on Gold. Over on Alibi get your history fix as Copper is back with its second series on the American Civil War.


Abandoned Engineering 

Abandoned Engineering 

Thursdays at 9pm


This epic series sees former towns, towers, temples and more revisited and explored as stories of their destruction and ruin are brought to the surface. This week visits a once luxurious mountain-top villa in the island of Rhodes, a rust covered carcass of an industrial relic in the depths of West Virginia, and sea-stricken lone towers that stand at the ends of the earth. How and why were they first built and why have they now been abandoned?


My Famous Babysitter

My Famous Babysitter

Monday 21st October 10pm


Watch as celebrities step up to the challenging demands of being a parent while the kids parents enjoy a well-earned rest. Every move of the celebs is monitored by a psychologist and a chaperone as the four battle through disciplining the children, helping with homework and mastering the artwork of bedtime. A challenge that proves to be an emotional experience for everyone involved. For the first episode Stephen Manderson, otherwise known as rapper and musician Professor Green, tries his hand at parenting three boys in the Cotswolds.


Lenny Henry's Race Through Comedy 

Lenny Henry's Race Though Comedy

Tuesday 15th - Thursday 17th October at 9pm 


A program that culminates the last five decades of British comedy of colour across three films. In the first we see Henry focussing on Sitcom as one Britain’s greatest television institutions. Stand-up is looked at through the lens of early black and Asian stand up comedians as the early pioneers Charlie Williams and josh White’s work is explored. In the final episode Lenny picks apart Sketch comedy over the past five decades – expect archive clips from Tiswas, Three of a Kind and Lenny’s own self-titled shows.




Mondays and Tuesdays at 10pm


The second series of the historical US drama set in New York in the 1860’s against the backdrop of the American Civil War sees two new episodes this week. On Monday expect Five Points fall into disarray as a community is seized by one of the deadliest men in New York City. A murder takes place in Tuesday’s episode as the drama is only just beginning for the detectives involved.

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