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Watch 'The new business case for advertising' on demand

Watch 'The new business case for advertising' on demand

Updated on: April 24, 2024/ Posted on: March 22, 2024

You can now watch the sessions and download the slides by clicking the blue button above

This immense new study brings together the vast econometric databases of Ebiquity, EssenceMediacom, Gain Theory, Mindshare, and Wavemaker, to create the most comprehensive analysis of advertising effectiveness to date. Collectively it has examined £1.8 billion worth of media spend across 141 brands and 14 categories.

The study is an update and expansion on Ebiquity and Gain Theory’s ground-breaking Profit Ability study from 2018, and it is much needed. The world has transformed since that original study in almost every respect – from consumer behaviour to media consumption to the socio-economic and political contexts we now live in.

How has this affected advertising effectiveness? Does advertising still deliver business growth as profoundly as before? How does this differ by category? How are profit effects sustained over time? Which media are the least or most risky investments? We looked through these questions.

Alongside the new Profit Ability study, we showcased a new analysis by ITV exploring advertising’s role in supporting prices.


  • Effectiveness: A View From The Hill…And The Hurdles Ahead with Laurence Green, Director of Effectiveness, IPA
  • Profit Ability 2 with, Jane Christian, Managing Director Analytics & Insight, EssenceMediacom UK, Dom Charles, Managing Director, Audience Intelligence & Marketing Science, Wavemaker UK, Nic Pietersma, Group Director, Marketing Effectiveness UK, Ebiquity
  • Jam Today: how brand advertising on TV creates short term value with Kate Waters, Director of Client Strategy and Planning, ITV, Sameer Modha, Measurement Innovation Controller, ITV, Simeon Duckworth, Founder, Melt
  • Panel discussion with Matt Chappell, Global Client Success Officer, Gain Theory, Richard Warren, Director Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Nationwide, Kate Waters, Director of Client Strategy and Planning, ITV, hosted by Matt Hill, Research and Planning Director, Thinkbox

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