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Watch 'BVOD in focus: planning for success' on demand

Watch 'BVOD in focus: planning for success' on demand

Posted on: November 16, 2022

This event is now available to watch on demand and you can get the presentation using the download button above.

Broadcaster VOD (BVOD) viewing – the original streaming – has been steadily growing for the last decade, especially for younger audiences. It is the premium, beating heart of the connected TV world. 

But BVOD has suffered from a data gap. Advertisers and agencies have highlighted a need to build the business case for BVOD; to provide evidence on its efficacy and clarity on the contribution it makes alongside linear TV.

 This event filled that knowledge gap.

Working together with Channel 4, ITV, and Sky, Thinkbox has undertaken a large-scale, multi-mode series of research studies with PwC and others to bring BVOD to life and answer the vital commercial questions.

This event gave attendees an understanding of the role BVOD plays in people’s lives – including how it fits within wider online video consumption.  Incorporating analysis from a wide range of BVOD campaigns, backed up with data science, it  provided practical guidelines for how to best use BVOD within a wider video communications plan and gave an understanding of the role it plays in ad-driven profit return.


Anthony Jones, Head of Research, Thinkbox introduces the event and sets the scene for the BVOD landscape with the latest facts and figures.

Return on demand What’s the appropriate share of budget for BVOD in different brand situations? What factors influence BVOD’s ROI performance?  Drawing on the vast £2.2 billion databank of econometric analysis that powers Thinkbox’s Media Mix Navigator, Jane Christian, Head of Systems Intelligence, MediaCom and Dom Charles, Head of Effectiveness, Wavemaker, explore the role of BVOD in delivering short and long-term ROI. 

Planning for reach Employing advanced statistical techniques, Sam Tomlinson, PwC Partner & UK Media Leader, reveals how, when and where people are watching BVOD and offers guidance on how to reach them.

A guide to BVOD success Where does BVOD fit in our video viewing habits? Does this differ by device? And what does this mean for advertising? Co-founders and strategists Caroline Whitehill and Martin Lee, Acacia Avenue, offers a series of media and creative tips for how best to achieve success using BVOD.

Panel session A discussion about the presentations from the morning including how to think about, plan and implement BVOD in campaigns as well as audience questions. Matt Hill, Research and Planning Director, Thinkbox is joined by Sam Taylor, Head of Customer Value, Direct Line Group alongside Jane ChristianSam Tomlinson and Caroline Whitehil. 


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