Rightmove makes itself at home in Location, Location, Location

Electric Glue have developed ads using Artificial Intelligence technology to embed Rightmove into the current series of Location, Location, Location on Channel 4. The technology allows for topical property data statistics to be displayed within the show, using Rightmove branding.

Shown alongside Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer as they help find the perfect new homes for movers, Digital agency Mirriad, production company IWC and 4Sales have collaborated on the digital overlay. These on-screen stats reveal the latest Rightmove data, such as specific property price ranges for the locations featured in the programme.

It’s great for viewers to have this up-to-the-minute information and shows how brands can use their data to get the most out of today’s TV.

The launch episode for the current run of the house-hunting series drew in over one million viewers in the Wednesday 8pm slot.

This product placement represents a step-change in the way our data is used. It will seamlessly integrate us into the show’s context, providing authentic, sophisticated advertising, adding significant value to the programme. It’s a perfect fit for Rightmove and supports our target audience too.

Iain Kennedy Chief Marketing Officer at Rightmove

It is fantastic to see our idea come to life, extending our long relationship with our brilliant client Rightmove. Channel 4 and Mirriad's capability to overlay real-time data within the most popular property show on TV has allowed Rightmove to be truly integrated within the show and, most importantly, share insight in a way that is useful for viewers.

Lexi Booker Business Director at Electric Glue


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