Get with the programmes: unlocking the power of TV partnerships


People judge you by the company you keep. It is the same for brands, and TV is the finest company for any brand to keep.

The quality and breadth of TV on offer now is astonishing. TV has always been cultural glue – people love talking about it almost as much as they love watching it – but the bar keeps being raised and with it people’s passion.

This is great news for brands because they have a huge range of ways to tap into this passion. The broadcasters are very flexible and keen to work closely with brands to tailor TV content-led activity to specific needs. TV partnerships suit every type of brand – just as TV suits every viewer’s tastes.

Of course the well-executed TV spot is as powerful and effective as it is in part because it is watched in the company of great TV shows. But there is a world of effective ways beyond spots – and which complement spots – where brands can partner with broadcasters to bring them even closer to the TV shows people want to watch. This booklet is about these TV partnerships.

Sponsorship, advertiser funded programming, advertorials, interactive content, competitions and promotions, televised branded events, product placement, contextual advertising, licensing …this booklet will explain exactly what TV partnerships are available and the powerful effects they can have. This could be long-term brand building, brand repositioning, driving short-term response or normalising a brand, establishing it as a part of everyday life.

This booklet also features new research into the mechanics of TV sponsorship, what they deliver for brands and what advertisers can expect them to do for their businesses. But it isn’t just theory; there’s lots of inspirational practice in the case studies that make up the second half of this booklet.


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