Advanced TV advertising: everything you need to know


Perhaps the best way to describe what is today known as Advanced TV advertising is that it is the umbrella term for the multitude of technological and data-driven business solutions now offered by TV broadcasters.

These sit alongside and complement TV’s well-known strengths, like its brand-building mass audiences, and are making TV more flexible and more available to businesses of all sizes.

This booklet is designed to bring marketers up to date with the incredible things happening right now in TV advertising.

We explore everything the UK broadcasters now offer, from cross-broadcaster audience mapping and customer data-matching to their rapidly expanding addressable capabilities.

We look at how the measurement challenge is being faced and how rich contextual AI tools are improving advertisers’ access to perfect programming environments. We look at what’s in the pipeline and, crucially, we show the possibilities in practice and share how different brands have been advancing their own use of TV advertising in this new world.

You will hopefully finish this booklet inspired with the knowledge that there are few industries currently more vibrant than TV advertising.

TV now has it all, and so can its advertisers.

Download above.

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