How to use TV

Here you can explore all the effective ways advertisers are using TV. Including Broadcaster VOD, themed ad breaks and content partnerships.


Advanced TV advertising: everything you need to know

Find out about everything the UK broadcasters now offer, from cross-broadcaster audience mapping and customer data-matching to their rapidly expanding addressable capabilities. Download the full booklet here.

Intro to spots m and s

Introduction to spot advertising

From a few seconds to a few minutes, TV spots come in various shapes and sizes and they each have a role to play from storytelling to generating response.


What is advanced TV?

Advanced TV advertising is the umbrella term for the multitude of technological and data-driven solutions now available via the TV broadcasters. Find out more here.

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Content partnerships overview

The world of TV content partnerships enables brands to tap into the unique relationships viewers have with their favourite shows.

Dave and CALM

UKTV’s comedy channel, Dave, partners with CALM in year-long ‘Be the mate you’d want’ campaign to tackle male depression and suicide.


Buying advanced TV advertising

Here we explain the process of planning and buying advanced TV.


Visa and ITV Weather in a TV partnership first

A heart-warming bespoke festive spot sponsored by Visa saw weather presenters discussing what festive activities were happening in high streets across the regions.

ITV and Waitrose and Partners in first collaboration

Waitrose launches ‘Too good to wait’ campaign in innovative ad break partnership with ITV.


Get with the programmes

Learn how brands can do more things with TV now than ever before and how the world of content partnerships – where brands get closer to TV content – is a hotbed of innovation and fruitful collaboration.