TV channels and sales house contacts

With 500 or more channels available in the UK, the breadth of programming content provides a wealth of opportunities for advertisers. 

This enormous diversity, ranging from broad appeal to the very specific, enables marketers to reach both mass and niche audiences. Airtime sales for each channel are handled by a Sales House. Here you can find out which channels are represented by different Sales Houses in the UK and get the top line on their portfolios.

Channel 4 Sales portfolio

Channel 4 has a strong brand image that delivers great programming for upmarket adults and young adults. Since its launch in 1982, Channel 4 has expanded to sell a number of other channels to make up a broad portfolio today, made up of its wholly owned channels, such as E4 and More4, alongside all of the UKTV channels, BT Sport, ESPN as well as a selection of music channels. 

Contact Channel 4 Sales about buying airtime:

Chris Braithwaite

Agency Principal, Sales Development

020 7306 3758 

[email protected] 

ITV Sales portfolio

ITV’s main channel is great for targeting a broad or family audience, but the ITV family has grown in recent years to include a number of other stations that give viewers access to many more great shows. ITV also sell ITV2 and ITVBe which is great for young women, ITV4 which is good for targeting men and ITV3 which is the perfect environment for brands targeting a slightly older, upmarket demographic. 

Contact ITV about buying airtime

Richard Chilvers

Business Development Controller at ITV

020 7156 6826 

[email protected] 

Sky Media Sales portfolio

Sky Media offers the biggest channel portfolio in the UK with over 100+ channel brands from across eight different genres. From wholly owned channels such as Sky 1 and Sky Atlantic, to various Viacom stations including Channel 5 to more niche programming on Military History, Xtreme Sports and Ethnic TV StarPlus, whoever you're targeting, there's sure to be a channel that's right for you. 

Contact Sky Media about buying airtime:

Jason Turner

Head of Trading

020 7032 6482

[email protected] 

Turner Broadcasting portfolio

Turner Broadcasting have a fantastic children portfolio, including the hugely popular Cartoon Network. Turner also have great film content through TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and their most recent addition to their portfolio in TruTV, an entertainment and lifestyle channel brilliant for reaching women. 

Contact Turner Broadcasting about buying airtime:

Andrew Mallandaine

Sales Director

020 7693 1143

[email protected]


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