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The best ads from the Super Bowl 2023

The best ads from the Super Bowl 2023

Posted on: February 13, 2023

Everyone loves a good comeback, and the 57th Super Bowl had plenty of them. A second-half recovery against the Philadelphia Eagles crowned the Kansas City Chiefs as this year’s champions. Pop royalty Rihanna took the halftime show by storm after a 7-year break in performing. And the ever-loved Super Bowl commercials gave some old favourites the chance to shine again. It’s not only the biggest night in US sport and entertainment but also the biggest night in the world of advertising. Every year we see brands new and old pull out all the stops to compete for the most memorable TV moment. With Fox Sports reporting that a 30-second Super Bowl ad now costs approximately $7 million, it’s a huge chance for brands to show off to the hundreds of millions watching across the globe. We’ve been treated to the usual comedic stardust thanks to Miles Teller, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and David Grohl all doing their bit to help their chosen brand stand out from the crowd. But this year there’s also a common theme of past characters returning to the limelight with Breaking Bad, Clueless, and Grease proving that nothing sells like nostalgia. Here’s a selection of our favourite creative Super Bowl ads of 2023.

Ads featured in this gallery:

  • Blue Moon: High Stakes Beer Ad
  • Bud Light: Hold
  • Busch Beer: The Busch Guide
  • Crown Royal: Thank You Canada
  • Dunkin: Dunkin' 'Drive-Thru' Starring Ben
  • Pepsi Zero: Great Acting or Great Taste
  • PopCorners: Breaking Good
  • Rakuten: Not so Clueless
  • Sam Adams: Your Cousin’s Brighter Boston
  • T-Mobile Home Internet: New year. New neighbor. 
  • Uber One: One hit for Uber One
  • Workday: Rock Star

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