Ringan Ledwidge’s greatest ads

Ringan Ledwidge, one of the advertising industry’s most sought after and beloved directors, has died at the age of 50.

Some of his most notable achievements include the coveted Chairman’s Awards at the British Arrows, UK’s No1 Director by Campaign Magazine three years consecutively, and many an appearance in The Gunn Report’s top three Most Awarded Directors in the world.


He co-founded Rattling Stick with Daniel Kleinman and Johnnie Frankel in 2006, where he directed campaigns for Audi, Sainsbury’s, Britvic, Hovis, John Lewis, Puma, Axe, Barnardo’s and The Guardian to name a few, and has received further awards at British Arrows, D&AD and Cannes including the coveted Grand Prix.

A brilliant talent who leaves behind a canon of awe-inpiring TV ads. He’ll be sorely missed.

Some classic ads from Ringan Ledwidge:

  • The Guardian - 3 little pigs
  • Sainsbury’s - Christmas is for sharing
  • Levi’s - Dangerous Liaisons
  • Audi - Clowns
  • Barnardo’s - Life Story
  • Puma - After Hours Athlete
  • Audi - Duel
  • Nike - Football fest: Winner Stays On
  • Lynx - Getting Dressed
  • Hovis - Go On Lad

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