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IKEA ‘Silence the Critics’ and win Nov/Dec 2019 Thinkboxes

IKEA ‘Silence the Critics’ and win Nov/Dec 2019 Thinkboxes

Posted on: January 24, 2020

IKEA’s first foray into Christmas TV advertising has brought home the Thinkboxes Award for TV ad creativity.

Creatives and other TV luminaries voted ‘Silence the Critics’ by Mother London the best TV ad of all those that launched in November and December 2019.

Joining the Christmas TV advertising throng with a much smaller production budget than many retailers, the challenge was both to stand out and be festive in a true-to-the-IKEA-brand kind of way.

In the commercial, IKEA and grime collide when a family, fearful their home isn’t stylish enough for guests, find their internal self-criticisms voiced by the ornaments they’ve let take over their lives and the horrible things they say humorously brought to life by grime music legend D Double E.

  • Creative agency: Mother
  • Creative team: Mother
  • Client: Kemi Anthony 
  • Production company: MJZ
  • Director: Tom Kuntz

Other shortlisted ads:

Argos ‘The Book of Dreams’

Flicking through the Argos catalogue, a dad chances upon an entry for a kid’s drum kit. Before we know it, the kit has appeared in his kitchen, the kitchen has morphed into the stage of an arena rock venue and he begins playing along to 'Don’t You (Forget About Me)' by Simple Minds. Then his daughter appears, as does another drum kit. She sits in and they play in tandem, driving the crowd (yes, an audience has appeared too) into rapture.

  • Creative agency: The&Partnership 
  • Creative team: Yan Elliott, Micky Tudor, Danny Hunt, Ludo Thomas, Arthur Harry 
  • Client: Becky Desert 
  • Production company: Stink 
  • Director: Traktor

John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners ‘Excitable Edgar’

John Lewis opted for a cute Christmas character this year: Edgar the Excitable Dragon, whose burning enthusiasm for seasonal pursuits tends to have unfortunate consequences, not least when he sets fire to the village’s Christmas decorations. But wait – maybe there’s a way he can contribute to seasonal celebrations. When he turns up to a Christmas lunch, all the guests take cover but he produces a Christmas pudding and, to general acclaim, sets fire to its brandy with a flame from his nostrils.

  • Creative agency: Adam & Eve/DDB
  • Creative: Simon Lloyd
  • Clients: Craig Inglis, customer director, John Lewis & Partners; Martin George, customer director, Waitrose & Partners
  • Production company: Blink
  • Director: Dougal Wilson

Marks & Spencer ‘Go Jumpers’

M&S decided to reinvent the Christmas jumper for a new generation this year – turns out it’s the party accessory you can’t do without. Not exactly cool but not quite naff either. The backing track is "Jump Around" by World of Pain and its driving hip hop energy sets the Yuletide world dancing in winter woollies. The spot aims to embody the glorious madness of Christmas, lifting the nation’s spirits and giving customers a compelling reason to come in-store during the festive period.

  • Creative agency: ODD London
  • Creative team: Nick Stickland, Turhan Osman
  • Client: Nathan Ansell
  • Production company: Cherry Studio
  • Director: Jake Nava

Walkers 'All Mariah Carey wants this Christmas'

Taking a break from shooting a new video for her evergreen festive hit, 'All I Want for Christmas Is You', Mariah Carey seemingly embodies the holiday spirit as she dispenses gifts. However, her smile slips at the catering trolley as she gets into a tug of war with one of the extras over the last bag of Walkers. She wins by hitting one of her legendary high notes, so powerful that everyone has to cover their ears – and it even shatters someone’s glasses.

  • Creative agency: AMV BBDO
  • Creative team: Alex Grieve
  • Client: Wayne Newton
  • Production company: Caviar / Supply & Demand
  • Director: Joseph Kahn