About the Thinkboxes

The Thinkboxes are the only awards to celebrate the UK’s world-beating TV ad creativity, in all its forms at regular way-points through the year.

In association with Campaign, these bi-monthly awards were designed to inspire audiences and engage them in discussion and debate about the nature of great TV creative.

As well as paying homage to the creative team and director, The Thinkboxes also recognises the crucial role that the advertiser plays in briefing and championing outstanding TV creativity - a role that is often under-rewarded.

What material is eligible

These bi-monthly awards celebrate and honour all forms of TV ad creativity from the timeless spot ad on broadcast TV to sponsorship idents, advertiser funded programming, interactivity and other commercial TV formats on platforms such as the internet or mobile phones. If in doubt about the eligibility of your work, please check out the rules.

How to enter

These awards are free to enter. If you'd like your TV creative work to be entered for a given two-month period, please email [email protected], make sure you submit it to us before the deadline below.

There are six awards throughout the year: 

Award Period Submission Deadline
Jan-Feb Monday 22nd February
Mar-Apr Monday 26th April
May-Jun Monday 28th June
July-Aug Monday 23rd August
Sept-Oct Monday 25th October
Nov-Dec Monday 6th December

The Shortlist

Every two months a panel of judges from Thinkbox devise a shortlist of 5 pieces of work (maximum), which they feel depicts the true meaning of ‘ad creativity’ – this is then put to the vote.

The selection of the winner

The short-listed work will then be submitted to the Thinkbox Academy (a group of more than 200 luminaries from the UK advertising and marketing community) who will rank the top 3 ads in order according to which they believe to be the best. There will be one overall winner each month. The winner will be the piece of work which has been ranked in first place by the greatest number of Academy members. Only if there is a tie for first place will the 2nd and then 3rd place votes come into consideration.

The Winner

The advertiser and creative team responsible for the winning ad will each receive a specially designed Thinkbox award. They will also be celebrated within Campaign, on Campaignlive.co.uk and on the Thinkbox website. The individuals involved will also automatically be invited to join the prestigious Thinkbox Academy (and therefore will be involved in judging all subsequent Thinkbox bi-monthly creative material).

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